HKS Accessories for ECU

HKS provides additional hardware / accessories to compliment the main ECUs they provide.

It ranges from:
AIC - Additional Injector Controller (suitable for correction-only ECUs), to
EIDS - Electronic Idle Stabilizer (suitable for correction-only ECUs), to
FCD - Fuel Cut Defencer (suitable for correction-only ECUs), to
GCC - Graphical Control Computer (suitable for _all_ ECUs, from the PFC F-CON, right up to F-CON V Pro v3.3), to
SLD - Speed Limit Defencer (suitable for correction-only ECUs), to
VPC - Vein Pressure Converter.

Scramble Switch: Pro 2-Step Rev Limit / Launch Control

The HKS F-CON V Pro 2-Step is a secondary engine rpm limiter that can be activated by a momentary switch, or automatically armed when the vehicle is stationery. The secondary rev control deactivates when a set amount of pulse counts from the transmission speed sensor has been met.

Basic setup

HKS Scramble Switch - 01 • Open Parameter 1 > Ignition 2 Tab.
• In the Ignition Cut (Switch) Field, enter the start/launch RPM.
• The Ignition Cut Time Out Speed Pulse Number is the number of pulses required before the 2-Step deactivates. Adjust the pulse count for cleanest launch and no engine bogging.
• Click on the Control Tab. This is where you will assign what type of trigger will activate the 2-step.

If using a Scramble Switch:
• In the Switch Input Scramble Switch field, select Ignition Cut.
• Plug the Scramble Switch into the black port on the front of the F-CON V Pro.

If using other types of momentary switches:
• Select Ignition Cut in either Switch Input SW1 or SW2 depending on what pin you wire the momentary switch to.
• Pin 25 is switch 1 input and Pin 26 is switch 2 input.

For automatic control:
This does not require any switches to activate the launch control. Whenever the vehicle is not moving (no pulses from the transmission speed sensor), the launch control will arm. If launch control is not needed, it will turn off when normally accelerating from a stop.

• Set: PARAMETER SETTINGS 1 --> Ignition 2 --> Set Ignition Cut RPM (Switch) to 3500-4500 RPM.
• Set: PARAMETER SETTINGS 1 --> Ignition 2 --> Set Ignition Cut Compensation to -10 degrees.
• Set: PARAMETER SETTINGS 1 --> Ignition 2 --> tweak Ignition Cut Time Over Speed Pulse Number from 10 +/- 5 until launching is clean.
• Set: PARAMETER SETTINGS 1 --> Control --> SW1 --> Ignition cut
• Set: SETTINGS --> INSIDE SWITCH SETTINGS --> Select Pull-Up in the Switch 1 Input field.

NOTE: pin 25 must be physically disconnected for this to operate without issue as piggyback harness connects this wire to OEM Ignition OUTPUT.

DO NOT ENABLE 'Speed Input - ON' otherwise random triggering behaviour will occur. Use pull-up resistor option as this will automatically arm ignition cut. Counter-intuitive I know, but that's Japanese. Thanks to Chris for isolating this problem!

Mixture Controller

HKS Mixture Controller User adjustable Launch RPM Steps

By use of a Mixture Controller, a range of RPM steps can user adjusted.

Basic setup

• Under PARAMETER 1 > Ignition 2 Tab, input an RPM step value in the Ignition Cut Volume field.
• If the Ignition Cut Volume Value is 500, then each position on the Mixture Controller will increase or decrease the Switch RPM value by 500 RPM.
• Select I_Cut RPM in the Fuel GCC Input field, under the Control Tab in Parameter 1.
• Plug the Mixture Controller into the Fuel GCC connector on the F-CON harness.
(The Fuel GCC connector is the only connector with a solid yellow wire).

Increasing boost pressure with the 2-step launch control.

Spool up can be enhanced, especially with vehicles using large turbochargers by retarding timing in conjunction with the 2-step rev control.

• In Parameter 1 > Ignition 2 Tab, enter a negative value in the Ignition Cut Compensation Field.
• When using this feature, do not allow the motor to stay on the 2-step rev limit for extended periods of time, as this causes extremely high exhaust gas temperature. Engine damage may occur.

Whenever launch control is active, the orange LED on the front panel of the HKS F-CON V PRO will flash. The switched, or 2-step rev control can only be used on vehicles utilizing a transmission speed sensor. Verify that the speed sensor signal is input to Pin 58 of the F-CON harness and there is a speed reading in the Power Writer Software's Data Monitor.


Mixture Controller PCB 01 Mixture Controller PCB 02 Mixture Controller PCB 03

Technical: PCB

Mixture controller is designed with ladder resistor network and 12-step switch, connected to the F-CON V's analog input, driven by +5V. It uses a set of resistors totalling up to 10.00k ohm (1x 1.0k ohms, 11x 520 ohms, 1x 1.5k ohms).

For example, -10 setting is 1.60k ohms resistance (between GREEN-BLUE) or 8.4k ohms (YELLOW-BLUE), which produces a voltage of 0.8 volts (GREEN-BLUE) or 4.2 volts (YELLOW-BLUE)

Another example, 0 settings is 4.68k ohms (GREEN-BLUE) or 5.32k ohms (YELLOW-BLUE), which produces a voltage of 2.4 volts (GREEN-BLUE) or 2.6 volts (YELLOW-BLUE).

Finally, 12 setting is 8.38k ohms (GREEN-BLUE) or 1.62k ohms (YELLOW-BLUE), which produces a voltage of 4.2 volts (GREEN-BLUE) or 0.8 volts (YELLOW-BLUE).