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CAMP is an all-in-one engine multi-meter system that is incorporated with a vehicle's on-board factory or aftermarket monitor. The first generation CAMP was released by HKS in 1996. At that time, it was the first monitoring system of its kind allowing users to view vehicle engine information.

Features: CAMP v1

• Graphical data display created by 32 bit RISC CPU.
• Data recording with a large memory allows for further evaluation of information.
• Communication function and logging data with PC.
• Expandable with optional SRAM card.
• Video signal switch allows the user to change from the CAMP display to video games, DVD player or navigation system.
• Customizable background colour and ability to set background imported from PC.
• Audible alerts of warnings, confirm completion of operations and entertainment.

Functions: CAMP v1

HKS CAMP - Analog Analog Display
The analog display can indicate speed, MPG, gas mileage, fuel consumption and injector opening percentage. The display provides a more visual presentation of information compared to ordinary gauges. CAMP includes peak data memorization and allows the scale to adjust according to current driving conditions. You determine which gauges appear on the screen.

HKS CAMP - Graph Graph Display
This screen provides a data recording feature which is utilized in the racing industry. After a driving session, the user can evaluate driving conditions and engine performance. The feature of composing the graph by assigning any available data to X and Y, enables unique and special analysis. Furthermore, the data is download able to your PC by using the communication port.

HKS CAMP - Alarm Alarm Feature
This allows the user to set a designated limit for each data. CAMP will inform the user by sound and graph if any data passes the limit. For example, the alarm can be set for a certain speed limit to allow the best possible gas mileage.

HKS CAMP - Digital Digital Display
The bar graphs along with digital numbers indicate multiple data to simultaneously observe entire vehicle conditions.

HKS CAMP - Past Trip / Past Function
The past function provides five trip recorders that individually memorize the total driving distance, operating hours, fuel usage and average gas mileage. This function can be used to manage vehicle maintenance, compare time and gas mileage between two different routes or managing driver information for long trips.

HKS CAMP - Fish Fish Function
The fish function provides the opportunity to enjoy your driving experience in an entertaining way. Your driving technique, such as speed and gas mileage, changes the environment of the fish pond and affects the health of the tropical fish.

HKS CAMP - Friction Friction Loss Calculator
CAMP calculates the friction loss and graphically displays the percentage of lost horsepower compared to genuine horsepower. This function shows the best driving speed in terms of gas mileage based on a characteristic of aerodynamics and friction loss of the tire rotation.