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HKS EVC Pro The EVC 3 came out in a Pro edition.

It features negative yellow backlight, where the backlight is black, and the foreground is yellow.

Also has 3 bar solenoid, speed-throttle duty tables. And somehow it works via powerwriter software.


The EVC V is a user-friendly, full-featured digital electronic boost controller that utilizes a precision "closed-loop" boost regulating stepping motor. Stepping motors are used because they can handle higher boost levels and are quicker to react to various conditions, thus offering quicker boost response and higher stable boost levels throughout each gear.

The HKS EVC V can correct the signal to the wastegate several times each second, thus allowing a more rapid boost rise without overboosting. A built-in "Fuzzy Logic" program will learn the base boost curve and optimizes it for maximum response and stable boost. For instances where "Fuzzy Logic" is not applicable, it can be bypassed during initial setup.

Via an illuminated knob on the headunit, the EVC V is adjustable up to 2.5bar (36.25psi) of boost pressure and incorporates a real time digital boost and vacuum display for precise boost calibration and monitoring. 1-Touch "High" and "Low" boost level presets allow for multiple settings to accommodate for varying power needs. For extra boost, the scramble boost feature will add a users specified amount of boost over the current boost setting for a preset duration between 1-30 seconds.

An optional remote scramble boost trigger is available to supplement the trigger button on the headunit for Scramble Boost activation. A built-in visual and audible overboost warning feature will revert boost levels to baseline if boost levels exceed the warning level entered by the user. To prevent losing all valuable data and presets, each EVC has flash memory to retain all settings and presets if power is ever removed from the unit.

EVC V features

High Boost Capability - 250 kPa (~36 psi)
Target Boost - User inputs target boost level, and the EVC automatically adjusts pressure to reach desired level.
Offset Function - If boost exceeds or does not achieve user's target, boost pressure can be offset to reach desired level.
Map Correction Mode - Tuned by: Throttle Position, RPM, Vehicle Speed, Throttle Position + RPM, or Throttle Position + Vehicle Speed.
Dual Boost Mode Settings - Two different boost maps can be independently selected by the user, depending on driving conditions.
Scramble Boost Function - Boost increase will occur for a predetermined time (0-60 sec).
External Scramble Boost Trigger compatible.
Metric or SAE selectable monitoring - Metric (kPa) or SAE (PSI) boost pressure measurement for monitoring.
Warning Function with Boost Drop Feature - A user preset warning level can be set where visual and audible alerts occur if the warning level is reached. Boost pressure can be preset to drop to a user defined level if pressure reaches warning level.
Analog and Digital Boost Monitoring - Boost pressure can be displayed in both an analog bar graph format and a digital numerical value.
Additional Digital Monitoring - Additional vehicle vitals can be monitored: Throttle Position, Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed.
Selectable Analog Monitoring - Can be set to monitor: Boost Pressure, Throttle Position, Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed.
After Image Function - Display the highest boost pressure reached for 3-seconds after the throttle has been released.
Peak Hold - The EVC will store to memory and keep displayed the maximum boost achieved.
Data Lock - To prevent accidental data changes from occurring, the EVC can be locked with a user defined four digit code.
Positive LCD display with LED Lighting - Black foreground with white background and LED lighting provides excellent visibility.
Dimmer Function - Brightness of display can be adjusted for user comfort.
Rear Mounted Wiring harness - For a clean and simple installation the wiring harness connects to the back of the EVC unit.


Produce Code Description
45003-BK001 EVC V
45003-BK002 EVC EZ-II (??)
45003-BK008 EVC EZ (??)
45003-RA006 EVC IV
45003-RA008 EVC EZ
45003-RA009 EVC IV
45003-XK001 EVC V - Negative Lit Display, Silver Display
45003-AK001 EVC V - Silver
45003-AK002 EVC EZ-II
45003-AK004 EVC V - Positive Lit Display, Black Display (Black Limited Edition)
45003-AK005 EVC VI (w/o software)
45003-AK006 EVC VI (w/ software)
45003-AK009 EVC-S
4503-### EVC Installation Kit


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