PowerWriter ChangeLog

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.30?? from Ver3.30FE

• Supports Nissan GT-R R35.

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.30FE from Ver3.30DE

• ...

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.30DE from Ver3.30CE

• Problem after change of Pressure Unit was solved.
• Problem after closing Parameter 1 was solved.
• Monitor auto-off function and system stand-by function after elapsed time will not be activated.
• Voltage Airflow Input can be selected in Voltage Output 3 and 4.
• Data Monitor can be shown with the use of IF Unit.
• Problem of the graph editing function of Voltage Output Map was solved.
• Problem of display appearing by a left click under log-linking to Compare Log was solved.

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.30CE from Ver3.30BE

• Problem of output of log data to text data was solved.
• Printing Parameter 2 was adjusted.

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.30BE from Ver3.30AE

• Problem of showing Internal Log was solved. After the change, it is no longer compatible with Ver.3.24 log data.
• In Compare Parameter, problem of showing Option Voltage Output was solved. A map addition display was added.
• Hint for the input range for Fuel/Oil Pressures of Parameter 2 to Option Switch 2 was revised.

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.30AE from Ver3.301E

• Problem after change of Pressure Unit of the X axis for Fuel/Ignition Corrections Fuel Pressure Correction Map was solved.

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.301E from Ver3.30E

• Change of Data Monitor. "*****" will be shown when Oil Pressure, Oil Temp. or Fuel Pressure are OFF.
• Change of log. When Option Voltage Output is set for VALCON and logged, it always shows the VALCON value starting from the next log.
• Input range of Ignition Cut RPM Hold was changed.
• SR20DE was added to Base Engines.
• "HKS_MT1" in Oil Temperature Conversion Table was changed to "HKS_MOT1".
• "HKS" in Water Temperature Conversion Table was changed to "HKS_MWT1".

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.30E from Ver3.24

• File extension of data file was changed from *.FR5 to *.FZ3 since F-CON V Pro Version 3.3. Log file was changed from *.LR5 to *.LZ3.
• 4B11 and M16A were added to Base Engine.
• MITSUBISHI2, SUZUKI1, NISSAN5 were added to Crank Signal Type.
• Oil Temperature Conversion Table was added. Fuel Pressure Conversion Table was deleted.
• Fuel Pressure Conversion Parameter and Oil Pressure Conversion Parameter were added.
• VALCON value is shown in Option Voltage Output Map.
• Names of tabs in Parameter were changed:
    - Basic1 was changed to Basic
    - Control was changed to Input
    - Basic3 was changed to Pressure Conversion
    - Basic2 was changed to Sub
    - Error was added
• Deceleration Fuel Cut was added to Car Speed Conditions.
  Fuel Cut Delay Time and Decay Coefficient are in the Deceleration Fuel Cut group.
• Ignition Cut of Option Switch Input was changed to Ignition Cut (Start).
  Ignition Cut (Speed) and Ignition Cut (Hold) were added.
  Ignition Cut RPM of Ignition2 in the group (Ignition Cut RPM (Switch) was changed to Start.
  "Car Speed Condition - ON" was changed to Hold. Speed Input was added).
• Time Over Speed Pulse Number, Compensation, and Volume RPM are in the group of Ignition Cut (Start) Setting.
• Number of current errors, accumulated number of errors, and error codes are shown in Parameter.
• Map Addition function was added to Option Voltage Output.
• VALCON Control function was added to Option Voltage Output.
  During VALCON Control, Map and monitor display can be changed to VALCON angle display.
  For VALCON Control, settings for maximum / minimum Voltage Output values were changed to the most advanced / retarded angles.
• Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, and Oil Temperature conditions were added to Option Switch Output 3 and 4.
• RPM condition was added to Option Switch output 6 - 9.
• Option Communication setting was added.
• RPM was added to Option Frequency Output.
• Air Flow Input Voltage, Voltage Output Value, and Current Gear Position can be shown on Data Monitor.
• Oil Temperature, Fuel Pressure, and Oil Pressure were added to Conversion Table.
• HKS was added to Water Temperature Conversion Table.
• HKS_MT1 was added to Oil Temperature Conversion Table.
• User Name, ID, and Data Creator are shown in VERSION INFORMATION of HELP.
• ID Registration screen appears when PowerWriter is started for the first time.

F-CON V Pro PowerWriter Ver3.2x from Ver3.1x

• Parameters are divided to two categories: Basic and Option.
• "VIEW COMPARE LOG FILE" function is added.
• Other changes due to improvement of F-CON V Pro hardware.

F-CON iS PowerWriter Ver1.12 from Ver1.0

• New OBD-II Types: DAIHATSU1,2, SUZUKI1,2, and NISSAN3.
• Acquisition date, PowerWriter Version, and OBD-II Type now recorded to the data file and log file.
• Added further upgradability to the unit.
• Under option voltage output, the "Max Limit" Y axis has been changed to "Max Limit Normal" and "Max Limit Average."
• Maximum number of COM ports increased to COM12.