• 1985 Australia-delivered, formerly a 2.0L 4-cylinder 8-valve 4-speed automatic.
 • 1JZ-GTE motor with stock twin turbo.
 • Converted to full sequential injection, improving throttle response.
 • JZA80 5-speed W58 gearbox, stock clutch, and machined flywheel.
 • Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller.
 • HKS F-CON V Pro Gold v3.1 ECU, with custom-made direct connection harness.
 • Tuned to ~211 rwkw at 13 psi.

Suspension / brake system:
 • Bilstein sport ("shortened") B8 struts, front and rear.
 • Jamex springs, front and rear; much firmer than Eibach springs.
 • k-mac eccentric poly bushes.
 • Strongflex poly bushes for the rest in the rear.
 • Silverproject front adjustable camber plates.
 • Whiteline swaybars, front (27mm, short arm) and rear (18mm).
 • R129 / 500SL 300mm front brakes.
 • HEL braided brake lines.
 • AMG-clone Australian-made rims, 215/45/17 bridgestone Potenza RE001 tyres.