Knock Defender - hardware set Knock Defender is a cost-effective hardware device with calibration software to interface between engine knock sensors (both resonant and flat-response type) and aftermarket ECUs supporting knock window signal output and knock signal level input.

It is well suited to be permanently installed for ECU-based closed-loop ignition control based on knock level.

It also includes software which displays data of each individual ignition event and knock signal, with the ability to graph knock values over time to a PC with a USB port.

It can be calibrated to suit the specific needs of the tuner (high or low sensitivity either software-based or hardware-based amplification), the sensor type, and whether the engine has forged pistons or not.

Knock Defender calibration and graphing interface It features:
• full software controlled interface, with no external potentiometers or rotary switches.
• dedicated DSP circuit for frequency-analysis, with bandpass filtering and anti-aliasing.
• dedicated DAC (10-bit resistor-ladder) for uncompromised quality.
• dedicated external gain amplification circuit, with full hardware / software control.
• automotive-grade color-coded wiring.

Put simply, Knock Defender gives the tuner or end-user the ease and feedback from tuning the engine, either on the dyno or on the road.