Firmware Updates

Knock Defender has been designed to accept firmware updates to resolve issues after production.

The latest firmware release is v1.02 (05 Jan 2013).

In order to perform firmware upgrade, knockcfg.exe is required.

All files are available on the Download files page.


v1.02: 05 Jan 2013

• Noise Reduction feature (only recommended once configured for noise<50)
• On hardware version B, volume now controls input from 0 to 100%

v1.01: 06 May 2012

• Added support for external fully-digital 0.1-20.0x gain control. (not available for EGT version)

v1.00: ** Apr 2012

• Same as 0.99 but bumped to 1.00.

v0.99: 07 Apr 2012

• First pre-release version.